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Aqueous Cleaners  •  Solvent Cleaners

Aqueous Cleaners
DescriptionSIMCLEAN 101 is a uniquely designed aqueous cleaning material with great versatility which effectively performs in presence of many types of contaminants. Contains no hydrocarbon solvents and has highly effective corrosion inhibitor package.
UsesEspecially efficient in hot tank-ultrasonic degreasing.
DescriptionSIMCLEAN 110 is an aqueous based alkali cleaner with a pH of 11.5. It is formulated for ultrasonic and spray wash systems with excellent detergency. It can be utilized with most soft metals, steel and aluminum. It incorporates a corrosion and rust inhibitor. It contains no hydrocarbon solvents, no glycols or glycol ethers. It is considered biodegradable and it contains no hazardous components.
UsesGenerally used diluted 1 to 10 with water at room temperature or it can be heated 130°F to 145°F for greater efficiency.
DescriptionSIMCLEAN 120 is an aqueous cleaning product designed specifically to clean the total range of solder paste residuals from printed circuit boards. Use hot or cold, best at 140°F. Designed for spray or ultrasonic bath.
UsesExtremely efficient in cleaning uncured SMD adhesives from stencils and misprinted circuit boards.
Description SIMCLEAN 121 is a blend of water, glycol ethers and detergents that for the cleaning process is diluted with water generally in a 1 to 10 ratio, but possibly higher depending upon the contamination. This product is formulated to remove surface mount device adhesives and solder pastes and rosin from both misprinted assemblies and stencils. It offers safe non-flammable cleaning.
UsesUsed in ultrasonic cleaning equipment. It will clean well at ambient machine temperatures, but if greater efficiency and better cleaning is needed, the bath can be heated to 120°F to 145°F for stencils and misprints. Post cleaning the stencils, assemblies or parts should be blown dry with forced air.
DescriptionSIMCLEAN 675, a concentrated saponifier, is added to water, thereby providing a non-foaming solution for removing rosin flux residue. SIMCLEAN 675 reacts with the contaminants to form soap-like compounds that can be water washed.
UsesUse in automatic, in-line spray equipment, tanks or batch type dishwashers.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 677, a concentrated saponifier, is added to water, thereby providing a non-foaming solution for removing rosin flux residue. Resulting soaps are water soluble and rinsed away with soft, low mineral-content water.
UsesUse with in-line spray equipment, or it can be used in tanks or batch type dishwashers. This eliminates the need for solvent cleaning.

Solvent Cleaners
DescriptionSIMSOLV 247 is a chlorofluorohydrocarbon approved for use in the United States. It is designed to replace CFC's, HCFC's and other products with high ozone depletion potential. Its selective solvency, physical properties, non-flammability and other characteristics as a cleaning agent make it ideal for precision cleaning, as a drying agent and as a defluxer.
UsesExcellent for cleaning circuit board assemblies, medical and optical devices, and other exacting products. It can be used in existing cleaning equipment with minor modifications.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 247 M6 is an azeotropic blend. SIMSOLV 247 M6 and ethyl alcohol, the alcohol component, cleans any ionic contamination.
UsesDeflux of circuit board assemblies suitable for use in a vapor degreaser.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 247T is a blend of SIMSOLV 247, ethyl alcohol and hydrocarbons This is scientifically designed as a highly aggressive defluxer.
UsesUse on circuit board assemblies where aggressive defluxing is required and where the components are compatible with the blend. Can be used in a vapor degreaser with certain precautions.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 247ATE is an azeotropic blend of SIMSOLV 247, trans 1-2, dichloroethylene and ethyl alcohol suitable for use in a vapor degreaser. SIMSOLV 247ATE is a more aggressive defluxer than SIMSOLV 247 M6.
UsesUse in a vapor degreaser for defluxing circuit board assemblies. Excellent on ionic contamination and preventing white residues.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 255 is an exacting blend of organic solvents formulated to remove solder paste, flux and other organic residues. This product is particularly effective on surface mount boards that have been dried by evaporation or solvent displacement.
UsesMay be used in a bath at ambient temperatures without additional agitation.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 260 consists of highly refined isoparaffinic hydrocarbons and linear alcohols. Ideal replacement for isopropanol, toluene, xylene, acetone, and mineral spirits where performance, safety, and/or emissions need to be improved.
UsesFormulated for superior metal and assembled circuit board cleaning and degreasing.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 262 is SIMSOLV 260 in a 1 to 1 ratio with Isoproply Alcohol.
UsesUsed as a final cleaner for circuit boards or electronic parts that have a high degree of ionic contamination. Generally used in a dip process or immersion spray.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 265 is a proprietary hydrocarbon. Formulated with polar and non-polar components provides balance in solvency, high flash point and low toxicity.
UsesWater rinsing will remove ionic contamination and rosin residues, causes of white blushing on printed wiring assemblies. Since the product is used in a multi-step process involving a water rinse, it requires specifically designed application equipment for optimum results.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 350 is a blend of solvents and DI water. It is compatible with aqueous or solvent spray and ultrasonic stencil cleaning equipment.
UsesA non-flammable solution for removing uncured surface mount device adhesives, raw solder pastes, reflow rosins, no-clean and water soluble flux residues from circuit assemblies.
DescriptionSIMSOLV 360 is a special blend of alcohols for final cleaning of circuit board assemblies. It can be use in a dip or wipe process.
UsesUse to clean circuit board assemblies populated with chemically sensitive components.