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SimChem Corporation

SimChem Corporation is a producer of specialty and custom products for the electronic assembly industry, the manufacturer of medical and ocular devices, an all inclusive range of the precision cleaning technologies and other exacting industries. Our mission is to provide optimal support for customers in these high performance and exacting fields.

SimChem Corporation also produces custom products to the user's own specifications and is an Authorized Distributor for unique product lines for a few selective, high quality manufacturers who are:

Loctite, Inc.
   Potting Compounds

Ashai Chemicals, USA
   Fluorocarbon Solvents

   Aerosol Cleaning Solvents

Qualitek International, Inc.
   Bar Solder
   Wire Solders
   Solder Paste
   Soldering Chemicals

Freeman Manufacturing
   Optical Wax

SimChem Corporation was founded in 2002 — with the birthright of a corporation which has 30 years experience in serving the same markets with many of the same products. SimChem's Management Team has over 145 years combined experience in all phases of the Chemical Industry.